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Many Customers now wish to supply their own artwork, although we don't wish to discourage this, there are a few guidelines that have to be observed when producing artwork for reproduction in print. To achieve the best finish for your advertisement please ensure that the material is supplied in a high resolution PDF file, in CMYK. This will allow us to give a greater quality of print. Below is a basic list of the requirements that we ask for supplying artwork and text files.


Double Page Spread

266mm (W) X 192mm (H)

Type Area

Double Page Spread (Bleed)

286mm (W) X 216mm (H)

Bleed Area

Full Page

122mm (W) X 192mm (H)

Type Area

Full Page (Bleed)

146mm (W) X 216mm (H)

Bleed Area

Half Page (Horizontal)

122mm (W) X 94mm (H)

Type Area

Half Page (Vertical)

59mm (W) X 192mm (H)

Type Area

Quarter Page

59mm (W) X 94mm (H)

Type Area

Eighth Page

59mm (W) X 42mm (H)

Type Area

Column Inch

59mm (W) X 27mm (H)

Type Area

Front/Back Cover (Bleed)

143mm (W) X 158mm (H)

Bleed Area

Front/Back Cover

130mm (W) X 145mm (H)

Type Area

Create Your Advertisement


For the best reproduction please ensure all colours are CMYK separated and ‘spot colour’ is switched off. All pictures must be full size, i.e. not resized, and of high enough resolution for print (300dpi). If Pictures are enclosed within a Microsoft Word Document, please save the document as a layout and send the pictures separately.


We hold a large library of Mac fonts and will try to match fonts used on your advert. Alternatively, if you are using Freehand or Illustrator you can convert the text to paths, this will however render the type non-editable and any copy changes will require new artwork.

Supported Files & Accepted File Formats.


We now offer templates that you can base your advertisement on, so feel free to download them and set your advert on top of these files Please insure that all pictures, logos and graphics are saved as TIFF's or EPS's and accompany the document along with fonts produced in your page layout program. This is easily done by using the ‘collect for output’ option in QuarkXpress and Freehand. Finally, please ensure you fax or email hard copy of your advert.


Photo Requirements

When photographing machinery, remember the format of the advert the picture appears in, make sure it fills most but not all of the picture frame, this allows for cropping the image if necessary. After downloading your photos from your digital camera, save them as JPEG files. This compresses the file size without compromising quality.

Digital images are composed of pixels, PPI (pixels per inch) refers to the number of pixels displayed in an image, this is called the image resolution. Dpi (dots per inch) refers to the number of dots of ink a printer uses to reproduce your image, this is called the print resolution. At Resale Weekly our print resolution is 300 dpi.

Sending your Advertisement

You can send files via email, enclose all attachments within a folder labeled with the magazine name, issue number and advertisers name. Please make sure all file compression is turned off.

Once you have created your advertisement please contact our sales team to get your advert in for this weeks Resale Weekly. You can contact our sales team on sales@resaleweekly.com, or +44 (0) 208 471 8221

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